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In his works, Frank Stella expanded painting beyond its traditional definition by conflating it with sculpture, taking his canvases into the third dimension and reinforcing their status as objects.

Frank Stella Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition catalogue $65 | $58.50 members

The exhibition catalogue takes a cue from this concept with its die-cut cover reflecting the jagged edges of Conway I (1966) and its solid black slipcase encasing the book.

Tote by Tim Eads

Inspired by the conceptual and sculptural nature of Stella’s art, the Museum Stores sourced unique products by American designers, such as the circle-cut tote by Tim Eads. This clever tote, with its Stella-esque graphic pattern in black and white, features a die-cut handle and accompanying pouch made from the circle cutout. 

Tote by Tim Eads

Circle-cut tote and pouch $65 | $58.50 members