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Ahead of our Holiday Artisan Fair 2017, we would like to introduce you to one of our local vendors, Silvana Segulja.

Image Credit: Silvana Segulja Design

What lead you to creating your own line of jewelry?

My sister and her husband lived in Islamabad, Pakistan for two years while working for the United Nations.  During her stay my sister, Kristina, had collected a beautiful array of beads and gems from the colorful markets of Islamabad.  Upon her arrival back to the states, she had presented me with a shoe box full of jewelry making treasures.  I was instantly hooked and have been a jewelry designer ever since that day in 1999. 


 Image Credit: Silvana Segulja Design

What inspires your jewelry aesthetic?

The geometry of modern architecture inspires much of my work – an interpretation of the contemporary structures that surround us, though on a much smaller scale.  Sterling silver and gold-filled wires are hand forged and formed into fluid geometric shapes and patterns.  Bold forms are occasionally adorned with semi-precious stones and pearls – delicate details that create a modern and timeless collection.


Describe a typical day in your jewelry studio and how you begin designing a new piece.

A new piece of jewelry is always exciting to create.  I often carry a sketch pad with me because I never know when an idea might pop into my head or I am inspired by my surroundings.  When I am at the work bench, I am able to interpret my sketches into jewelry – hand forging and shaping pieces conceived from my observations.


What drives you to create?

What drives me to create is simple – I absolutely love what I do.  I am so lucky to be able to say that I love my job!


Image Credit: Silvana Segulja Design