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Bryce Beal and Yiva Beal are founders of Lady Alamo, a bag and accessories company based in San Francisco, CA, and known for bold use of color and patterns. We spoke with the couple to find out about their design inspiration and what to look forward to this fall season. Join us for our annual Holiday Artisan Fair at the de Young to meet these young designers and shop their newest collection.

Lady Alamo

This is your first year showing at the Holiday Artisan Fair. What items are you most excited to introduce to our visitors?

Over the years we have put together a variety of colorful, versatile backpacks, reversible bags, zipper pouches, and accessories using our own prints. We are very excited to bring our unique take on these items to the de Young’s shoppers.

So who is Lady Alamo?

Often times we do our best brainstorming while out walking. Our closest doggy park at the time was Alamo Square, home to the Painted Ladies. We take inspiration from our wonderful city and specifically the Painted Ladies. We want our bags to carry the same playful elegance of these beautiful icons (Painted LADY + ALAMO Square = Lady Alamo).

Your patterns and use of color are awesome – what’s in for Fall 2016?

We will be introducing a yet to be named, unique geometric pattern, which is the unofficial theme for this year. Last year we focused on the animal kingdom.

What artists or style of art currently interests you?

We have been finding ourselves getting inspiration from Art Deco and Geometric Abstraction lately. We also are seriously in love with the vibrant colors from Peruvian textiles.

Do you have a special memory from ever visiting the de Young? Where is your favorite place in the museum?

It may not surprise you to learn that we are quite fond of the de Young's amazing Textile Arts collection. When the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition came to the de Young in 2008, Yiva spent a good deal of time seeing in person the work of a master she studied in school.

If you weren’t designing, you both would be…

Traveling! We both suffer from wanderlust, and because of our busy schedule we do not get to travel nearly as often as we would otherwise like.

Lastly, since this is gift-giving season, what’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Do you have any tips for giving a gift to a “special someone”?

A younger brother had secretly been taking extracurricular painting classes and surprised me on my first birthday away at college with a painting he had made just for me. The painting itself was what may be expected of a novice, but the care and time put into it, including the framing, really showed that this was a heartfelt gift. 

We give gifts not only to show appreciation for our friends and loved ones, but to also solidify lasting bonds and create memories. I always recommend giving gifts that will help the recipient think about you every time they see it. Something that helps to recall a precious memory, an inside joke, or unique experience, will be sure to please for years to come.

Well said – we look forward to having you at the Holiday Artisan Fair!

Thank you much!