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Ahead of our Holiday Artisan Fair 2017, we would like to introduce you to one of our local vendors, Kavita Singh.

Image: Kavita Singh

What inspires your hand painted designs? 

​Nature is my biggest inspiration! In nature I find colors, textures, shapes--all flowing together to make beautiful patterns.​


Why do you use silk, instead of cotton or other textiles?

​Silk is my fabric of choice because of its feel and flow.  Most of all because the fabric absorbs color intensely and so gives dimension to my designs. I am however experimenting with rayon-- always creating.


 Image: Kavita Singh

What do you recommend to clients for ensuring their hand painted silk garment won’t fade or be destroyed over time?

Silk lasts a long time if cared for. I recommend dry cleaning the scarves and garments.


​ Image: Kavita Singh

What drives you to create?

It's quite inexplicable really... A gut feeling that you know is right-- and my 2 year old granddaughter Ella.​