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Ahead of our Holiday Artisan Fair 2017we would like to introduce you to one of our local vendors, Bruce Pizzichillo and Dari Gordon for Que Pasa Glass.

Image: Que Pasa Glass

What inspired you each to gravitate to glass blowing?

bruce: While working as a metalsmith/jeweler in Oregon I found 2 glass floats on the oregon coast after a storm.  seeing these unique forms made me think about working with glass; enough to later on bring me to oakland to study at CCAC.


What is your favorite object to create in glass?

bruce: Big, big bowls and large sculptural constructions

 Image: Que Pasa Glass

How did Que Pasa Glass get started?

We were both working in another glassblowing studio as assistants. we had very little studio glassblowing time for making our own work, so, we began making glass pins from blown glass pieces in an electric kiln at home. First, the buyer from the Oakland museum shop saw them and ordered....that led to other shops and then we were the first showing blown glass jewelry at the 1981 ACC craft fair and found ourselves with a small and soon thriving business. this glass jewelry eventually enabled us to start our own hot glass studio.

 Image: Que Pasa Glass

What drives you to create?

bruce: The need and urgency to express inner feelings; to make something beautiful out of the chaos in life, to leave a legacy; to receive joy in what emerges from the unknown.