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Ahead of our Holiday Artisan Fair 2017, we would like to introduce you to one of our local vendors, Michale Dancer and Marty Gelman for Still Life. 

 Image: Still Life

What inspired the creation of Still Life?

As long time naturalists, we were hiking one day and saw a leaf decaying. We noticed the beautiful, lacey vein structure had been exposed. Knowing leaves are ephemeral and wouldn’t last as is, we found a technique to preserve its natural beauty. We added to our collections by preserving botanicals, shells, food, and other forms of nature with pure precious metals (sterling silver, 24k gold, iridescent copper), we have created heirloom quality gifts and jewelry that are timeless and classic. Please note we work with only natural and sustainable products, which are hand harvested directly from nature.


Why do you donate a portion of proceeds to environmental organization?

Leaves literally nourish us with the breath of life, and Still Life deeply cares about the quality of life for all. In honor of giving back to that which sustains us, Still Life donates a portion of its proceeds to environmental organizations that replenish trees from deforested areas.

 Image: Still Life

How do you come up with designs and uses for the preserved botanicals?

Nature is the best designer we know. As artisans we plate various items we find in nature by using a special plating technique. We started by creating ornaments, then jewelry, bookmarks, nightlights, wine bottle collars, napkin rings.  Currently, we have many corporate clients that use our products for marketing promotions (Milk-Bone® dog biscuits, Robert Mondavi grape leaves, etc.). We have developed ideas for weddings and events, hotel lobbies, and much more.

 Image: Still Life

What drives you to create?

We continue to develop products as we have so much offered to us in nature. This shows that we do not have to use synthetic materials to make beautiful products, and it brings the true beauty of nature inside our homes. All in all, it’s better for our planet.