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Celebrate Bay Area-made wearable art at our tenth-anniversary event with an exciting lineup of seventeen top local designers. Meet the newest faces for Artwear 2018!



Ellen BrookImage courtesy of Ellen Brook


Art meets fashion in my original designs. What we wear can be one of the most vital art forms of daily soulful expression. Clothes can convey our creative spirit, and allow us to shine our light in a way that reflects our mood, enhances our groove or declares our philosophy of living.

Until the age of 40, I had no idea I was creative. But then something took hold. And after a lifetime love of style, I began exploring painting as a way to infuse my creativity into this daily adventure. Passionate about color, fabrics, and clothing as a means of self-expression, I paint my own fabric designs (using dye on silk)– then transform them into clothing or accessories.  I let the colors lead the way, guided by an eye for modern style, beauty and sophistication, but I’m also driven by the play of textures and qualities such as movement and drape.

Once the silk fabric comes to life, I often add unexpected elements such as grommets, leather or a hood. I also play with combining different fabrics, layering — and re-layering – my designs over various garments to determine its visual impact. I’m in search of beauty; I am attuned to the aesthetics of visual poetry and sensuality. My hope is to create a feeling of delight and delicious surprise. Once on the body, the designs truly become art. 



Mira BlackmanImage courtesy of Mira Blackman


Based in Oakland, CA, Mira Blackman uses all natural, handmade and heritage textiles for her one of a kind clothing for women and men. Each piece is inspired by the textiles themselves and are often made without the use of patterns.

Mira started sewing as a child in her home in Northern California. After years of travel and textile hoarding she studied apparel design at The College of Alameda. Like the textiles collected abroad, the silhouettes are inspired by traditional garments from around the world. Mira's clothing is textile forward, texture rich, designed to minimize waste, and honor the life of the fabric.

Her original textile designs are a collaborative effort with a fair trade woman run weaving collective in Uganda where they use 100% organic African cotton.


AUDREY MODERN - Accessories

Audrey ModernImage courtesy of Audrey Modern


The AudreyModern collection is based on the desire to make durable, functional bags with high quality materials, quality construction, and attention to detail. The design inspiration is simple, clean and modern.

All items are designed and handmade in San Francisco. I am the sole designer and maker.  While searching for textiles I discovered  wool felt and fell in love! This luxurious fabric leaves a very clean edge when cut and has a textural quality that is hard to describe.  Working with this wool felt is very addicting. One bag in one color has evolved into the collection you now see.
I am a native San Franciscan, my passion is making handbags. Some of my favorites include: biking around my fabulous City, walking my Corgi dog in Golden Gate Park, Scandinavian design,  Bi-Rite ice cream, sour Haribo candy, and polka dots.


ANNA MONET - Jewelry

Anna Monet JewelryImage courtesy of Anna Monet


San Francisco jewelry designer Anna Monet found inspiration for her latest collection of eclectic statement jewelry in the natural beauty of life on the west coast - combining her passion for metalsmithing and love of intentionally sourced, unique organic materials. Anna hand crafts each piece using plant-based dyes and wild horse hair collected by the Caddo tribe of the Southeastern United States. 

I make each unique piece with love and hopes it will go beyond just jewelry. They are meant to spark conversations about sustainability and great design as inseparable standards. To become talismans of protection and prized possessions in celebration of each woman as an exemplary expression of nature’s beauty.



Cornelia GoldsmithImage courtesy of Cornelia Goldsmith


Cornelia Goldsmith, born in Berlin Germany, moved to the United States in 1985 and quickly established herself at the forefront of contemporary art jewelry design. Cornelia's design sense, impeccable technique and keen eye for detail allow her to create bold, conceptual jewelry that is at once delicate and powerful. Elegant lines and a flavor of timelessness inspire the wearer through the creation of a unique and personal bond with their jewels.

During her careers she has won numerous awards and has been featured in various tomes such as the noteworthy Art Jewelry Today by Dona Meilach, among others. Goldsmith's work has also been featured on the covers of some of the most prestigious national magazines including Ornament Magazine, Lapidary Journal and AJM, the magazine of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America. Cornelia is a member of the influential American Jewelry Design Council.