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The Duke of Malfi

$ 55
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Display this stunning black and gold Malfi masquerade mask on a lavish stand to create a captivating focal point in your home interior space.

Depicting a masked carnival character, this unique home accessory is inspired by one of the greatest tragedies of 16th century English renaissance drama - the tragic play, 'The Duchess of Malfi.' A Venetian decor mask of the Duke of Malfi, this character represents Antonio Bologna, the illegitimate lover of The Duchess Of Malfi. Set in 16th century Italy, Antonio's fate is then sealed as the Duchess's brother's plot to kill him and his beloved wife.

Representing an age of sophistication, this sculpted black and gold resin Venetian mask blends elegance with a need for secrecy and pretense. Measures 8.5 in tall.