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Modest Street Fashion documents the diverse range of vibrant clothing styles worn by Muslim modest style arbiters around the globe. For this remarkable survey, Langston Hues captured more than 400 style-conscious subjects across the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East, from more than twenty countries and twenty-five cities.”
---Laura L. Camerlengo
Associate Curator of Costume and Textile Arts,
The Caroline and H. McCoy Jones Department of Textile Arts

Modest Street Fashion is a book of photographs that commemorates the emerging culture of modest street style which has erupted around the world. It is the first book to visually document this ever growing international trend that has exploded from the streets of Kuala Lumpur to the alleys of New York City. Profiling some of the top ‘hijabistas’ this is a must-have inside look into a twenty-first-century genesis of a faith driven style.

In this his debut publishing venture, Modest Street Fashion, Langston Hues has photographed in excess of 400 style conscious candidates across the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. Encompassing over 20 countries and 35 cities to create the first niche book of its kind to enter the western market of Muslim community diasporas. Though representing a global collection of fashion styles.

With a background in anthropology, Hues cities the global journeying he is undertaking akin to a contemporary ethnography. Having observed the confluence of spirituality and fashion in his previous photography exploits since 2008. Hues decided a world tour could perfectly reflect the particular flare of women who blend contemporary fashion with their faith and personal style. Critically, Hues signature street style portraiture has been met with great acclaim both within and outside of the United States. Softcover, 403 pages.

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