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Dori Csengeri

Dori Csengeri’s jewelry is completely sewn by hand using an ancient assembly technique in needlework, of silky cotton cords. They are adorned with artistic cabochons, delicate stones, bohemian and crystal beads, seashells, wood, metal, anything that stimulates her creation. The jewelry has a soft leather finish for comfort, is particularly sensual, surprisingly lightweight and pleasant to wear.
Aimee Embroidered Necklace $695.00 $625.50 Members
Adesso Embroidered Clip-Ons $200.00 $180.00 Members
Aimee Embroidered Drops $235.00 $211.50 Members
Fifth Ave Crystal Necklace $525.00 $472.50 Members
Adesso Embroidered Necklace $2,120.00 $1,908.00 Members
Tango Embroidered Clip-Ons $475.00 $427.50 Members
Aimee Embroidered Clip-Ons $250.00 $225.00 Members
Tango Embroidered Bracelet $830.00 $747.00 Members