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Drawings For Tattoos Volume 3

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Hardy Marks Publications is proud to announce the third volume in its Drawings for Tattoos series, featuring more of the work of San Francisco’s Don Ed Hardy. The focus of this volume is drawings done between 1955 and 1957, when Hardy (at age 10-12) was applying “tattoos” with eyeliner and colored pencils on neighborhood kids. He and his partner in the “toy tattoo shop” were featured in a photo article in his local paper, which is included in this book along with pictures his work.

Hardy produced hundreds of flash design sheets during this period, before going onto art in other mediums for ten years. He returned to actual tattooing in 1967 after graduating art school, and went on to develop the cultural and artistic potential of the medium, leading the world to its current popularity. This volume of his Kiddy Flash shows the precocious roots of his life-long passion. Hardcover, 88 pages.


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