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Gauguin Pictorial

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FAMSF Publications

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco presents the Pictorials series. Each book features the themes and highlights of our exhibitions and collections in a compact, portable format, making these editions ideal for travelers. Packed within each book's 40 pages are more than 30 full-color images and texts that provide intriguing information on the art, artists, and historical backgrounds. The Pictorials are the perfect keepsakes to commemorate your experience or to read in advance of your visit.

This vibrant contemporary examination of Paul Gauguin’s life and work features more than fifty pieces from the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek collection in Copenhagen, including paintings, wood carvings, and ceramics presented alongside Oceanic art and Gaugin works on paper from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s permanent collections. Each piece is reproduced in exquisite detail, offering a superb opportunity to enjoy Gauguin’s surprising and groundbreaking use of color, line, and form. Essays examine Gauguin’s relationships and alliances, and reveal the struggles, indulgences, awakenings, and betrayals of his personal and professional life. Other essays provide new insights into Gauguin’s travel beyond France to the far reaches of the French colonial empire in the Pacific, including explorations of his cultural identity, sexuality, and spirituality. Beautifully designed to complement Gauguin’s extraordinary and enigmatic oeuvre, this book offers a refreshing take on an artist whose life and work continue to fascinate to the present day. Softcover, 40 pages.

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