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Last Supper in Pompeii Exhibition Mug

This exclusive mug produced by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco features an image of garden-themed fresco walls from the House of the Golden Bracelet Roman, discovered in Pompeii, and thought to have been created 50‒1 BC. This beautiful mug has a matte finish outside and smooth glazed interior and is perfect for any beverage. Microwave safe, hand washing recommended. Holds 11 oz.

In what is perhaps the best-known volcanic eruption of all time, Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii's beautiful estates, surrounding farmland, and nearby villages under pumice and ash, preserving them for centuries. The exhibition, Last Supper in Pompeii, with its treasure trove of objects uncovered from the ash, reveals the Roman love affair with food and wine and how their production, distribution, and consumption affected every aspect of Roman life and art.

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