Wild Rainbow Wooden Balancing Game

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Unique neon inks make this design driven game a delightfully fun and bright addition to your collection. Roll the die to see how to stack up a tower of color in this wooden balancing game. Includes 5 animals, 5 rainbow pieces, 1 multi-colored die, and instructions. Game comes in a wooden box with a printed slide top lid. Ages 3 and up. Measures 10 x 6.75 x 2 in.


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Thom's Pick

"This brilliant colored game of shaped animal pieces and rainbows is sure to delight the eyes of most young children. The game is simple, just a roll of the dices will show which color to add in each step., challenging the single child or a small group to create a tower. The pieces are a great learning tool for younger children in identifying colors, shapes, and animals."

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