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Mi Cocina

Founded in 2014 by Ulrich "Ubi" Simpson, Mi Cocina collection was born from a tired father seeing an opportunity in the market for durable, modern-looking kitchen products that are made for everyday use. Proudly made in California, these denim-made kitchen items are durable, versatile pieces for cooking, camping, and gardening that only get better with time.
Ubi Blue Dobby Napkin $19.00 $17.10 Members
Absinthe Chambray Napkin $19.00 $17.10 Members
Bordeaux Chambray Napkin $19.00 $17.10 Members
Selvedge Denim Placemat $22.00 $19.80 Members
Yosemite Denim Placemat $22.00 $19.80 Members
Sunrise Placemat
Quick Shop
Sunrise Placemat $22.00 $19.80 Members
Star Placemat
Quick Shop
Star Placemat $22.00 $19.80 Members
Orange Dobby Napkin $19.00 $17.10 Members