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Monet: The Late Years Pictorial

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FAMSF Publications

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco presents the Pictorials series. Each book features the themes and highlights of our exhibitions and collections in a compact, portable format, making these editions ideal for travelers. Packed within each book’s 40 pages are more than 30 full-color images and texts that provide intriguing information on the art, artists, and historical backgrounds. The Pictorials are the perfect keepsakes to commemorate your experience or to read in advance of your visit.

In his final decades, Claude Monet experienced personal tribulations at the same time he developed an increasingly unconventional approach to painting. From about 1913, just after he was diagnosed with cataracts, until his death, in 1926, Monet responded to his failing vision and personal sorrows by turning to his great projects of passion: painting and gardening. His garden at Giverny—with its diverse, radiant plantings and tranquil lily pond covered by a Japanese bridge—became his sole subject for works in a sometimes startling palette that verged on abstraction, anticipating later art movements of the twentieth century. Softcover, 40 pages.

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  • Item # 978-0884011590