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Based in Sebastapol, CA Cheryl Costantini and Mikio Matsumoto formed Nichibei Studio in 1985. The works by the Nichibei potters blends the elegant tradition of Japanese folk art with a contemporary flair resulting in an innovative collection of handmade pottery that is unmistakably Nichibei. The jade green color of many pieces is unique to Nichibei. The color is achieved by applying a copper glaze to porcelain clay and high-firing it in a gas kiln at 2,400 degrees. Each piece represents the balance of form and function, sense and skill.
Bud Vase
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Bud Vase $65.00 $58.50 Members
Tall Straight Vase $150.00 $135.00 Members
Bamboo Vase
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Lines Vase
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Gingko Vase
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Tapered Vase
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Star Flower Ceramic Vase $145.00 $130.50 Members