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The de Young Open 2023 / September 30, 2023 – January 7, 2024

Drawn entirely from submissions by 883 artists from the nine counties surrounding the bay—Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma—the 2023 triennial of The de Young Open celebrates the diversity of art created in the Bay Area. For more information and purchasing tickets, please visit famsf.org.

Artist Postcards

Featuring selected works from two artists representing each of the nine Bay Area counties, we are proud to offer a diverse range of images.

Exclusive Collections

Invited by the Museum Stores, noted craft artisans representing each of the nine Bay Area counties created signature offerings inspired by the de Young Museum’s collection, architecture, and natural environment

Amanda Wright Pottery

Napa, CA

Using white stoneware and neutral colored glazes, Amanda creates traditional forms charged with a modern spirit. It is utilitarian art intended for everyday use.

“The Urban Garden Collection is a celebration of nature and modern art.  Utilizing clean lines, smooth surfaces, and nature themed motifs, it is inspired by the modern architecture and garden of the deYoung Museum.”

Clouds & Ladders

Forestville, CA

Artisan and designer Kate Joseph is inspired by her love of modern art and design to create contemporary wearable art pieces that can empower and facilitate self-expression.

“Ruth Asawa’s hanging sculptures in the Hamon Tower were my inspiration for the collection I created for the de Young Museum. While at first I was drawn to the artistry of the gravity-defying shapes of Asawa’s work, after reading about her I discovered she possessed an admirable human spirit as well.”

Hanson & Kastles Glass

San Carlos, CA

Ken and Ingrid Hanson are a husband and wife glass team who together, create hand blown art glass that is both unique and contemporary.

“Our exclusive “California Poppy” jewel tones collection is inspired by our love of nature, and the beauty of our native California home. Having both been born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are excited to create works in blown glass that give tribute to our state and its official flower.”

Hippottery Studio

Vallejo, CA

The alluring designs of the mid-century modern and retro eras profoundly shape Lony Maya Neubauer’s creative path.

“For me, creating each piece is all about expression - I love to add emotions and ideas to my work and I find that this is what really brings it to life. When I'm applying the glaze, for example, it's not just about the technical process - it's about infusing each piece with my own unique ideas of space.”

Kaoru Sanchez

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco-based Kaoru Sanchez designs textiles with a contemporary flair and a fun, quirky use of modern color.

“Everything inspires me at the de Young and it was so much fun making fabric patterns loosely based on The Garden of Enchantment, Ruth Asawa’s sculptures, the costume and textiles gallery, and the colors from de Young’s craft glass collection.”

Lulu Designs

Mill Valley, CA

Lulu Designs take pride in using the finest, sustainably sourced metals and precious gemstones, made and designed in their studio in Marin County. 

“In this exclusive collection, we aimed to seamlessly merge organic elements and architecture. The selected stones, emerald and labradorite, echo the vibrant botanicals gracing the museum's surroundings. Contemporary linear metalwork interweaves these elements, culminating in a jewelry ode that harmoniously balances nature's allure with human-made sophistication.”

Madge Candles

Richmond, CA

Madge Candles come in a wide array of scents and are made with quality ingredients, ensuring a premium experience every time.

“The breathtaking botanical treasures of California are the inspiration for my essential oil candles & ceramic artwork. Additionally, I have channeled my efforts into crafting environmentally friendly products, as a small step towards preserving the Earth's well-being.”

Philippa Roberts

Oakland, CA

Philippa Roberts creates jewelry known for clean lines, use of colorful stones, and timeless, classic style. She is also inspired by the museums who carry her work.

“The shapes and colors in abstract expressionism always inspire me, so it was easy to tie a jewelry collection to one painting at the de Young. I chose Richard Diebenkorn's Untitled, 1950 because the colors are so wonderful for fall and the shapes are perfect for my style.” 

Poshaq Silks

Milpitas, CA

Poshaq silk scarves are hand-painted by artist Joyita Ghose. Each scarf is an exploration of brilliant colors, designs, and techniques.

“At its core, inspiration for my collection of scarves and wearables stems from de Young Museum’s art, the architecture, and its gardens. To me, they are symbols that stitch together the colorful and diverse community which is typical of the Bay Area.”

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