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Henry VIII & Queens Stained Glass Roundel

Hand-painted in the United Kingdom, this window roundel is a round glass decoration designed to hang in a window of the home. Featuring Tudor King, Henry VIII, pictured with his six queens. This roundel is created by hand-painting directly onto the glass with traditional stained glass lead, and hung with trace chain. Comes complete with window suction cups. It is recommended to apply a smear of egg white on the back of the window suction cups to prevent them drying out in double glazed and drier window conditions. Measures 6 x 6 in.

Winged Heart, a design studio situated on the borders of Scotland and Cumbria, creates stained glass reproductions from England’s historical sites and emblems. Many of the designs are true to their original source material located in cathedrals, abbeys and churches and other historical places. Reproduced as leaded glass roundels and self-cling window decorations, these beautiful pieces are made with high-grade materials and printed with brilliant transparent colors when placed against natural or artificial light.

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