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Guatemala Rainbow 2019 Calendar

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The traditional textiles woven by Maya peoples in Guatemala represent centuries of knowledge, passed down from mother to daughter and dating back to a time before Spanish influence. Woven by hand on a backstrap loom, the huipiles, tzutes, pantalones, and other pieces of clothing, filled with symbolic motifs, can indicate much about the wearer’s identity. A single garment may take months to create.

Modern developments have influenced Maya weaving traditions. Dyes made the ancient way from vegetables, minerals, or insects have largely been replaced with synthetics, though today’s versions reflect their historical equivalents. Tourism has also left its mark. Still, there are places where traditional weaving continues, where women in Guatemala’s highlands preserve this deep cultural heritage that vibrates with color. C
alendars are printed with soy-based inks on FSC® certified paper. Measures 12 x 13 in.