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All Over Coffee

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In February 2004, the San Francisco Chronicle began printing an enigmatic feature called ''All Over Coffee.'' Almost immediately, letters of love and hate, confusion and praise poured in. Accustomed to the familiar formats of comic strips and cartoons, some readers struggled to understand a creation that seemed to live both within and beyond those boundaries. All Over Coffee blends the timing of comics with the depth of poetry. Artist and writer Paul Madonna has fused art, literature, and comics by pairing timeless cityscapes with philosophical musings and poignant stories in masterfully rendered ink-wash drawings that surpass the art of Ben Katchor in elegance and architectural detail. His work has been compared to ''a meeting of the tone of Edward Gorey, the uniqueness of Chris Ware, and the artfulness of Raymond Pettibon.'' Quirky, whimsical, and often profound, the stunning imagery and thoughtful writing of All Over Coffee combine to create a conceptual world, both dreamlike and familiar. This selection will delight anyone who has ever lived in or visited San Francisco - or dreamed of doing so - with its original, off-the-beaten-path view of the city and its inhabitants. Hardcover, 176 pages