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Antique Green Covered Tureen

This covered serving dish is extraordinarily pretty; worth leaving on display when not being used. It is useful for serving everything from soup, stew and mashed potatoes to the traditional Spanish dish arroz con pollo. The well fitted lid helps to keep food warm at the table. The Antique Green pattern is especially striking with its emerald green tones on a beige background. The Antique Green Pattern is one of the most traditional Spanish ceramic designs, both in color and pattern. Each tureen is hand shaped and handmade and is signed by the de la Cal family artists in Spain. This piece is not for use in the oven or on the stove top. This is a serving piece. You may warm the tureen in the microwave but all ceramics tend to get very hot so please take care not to overheat. Dishwasher safe though hand washing is recommended. Artisans at small family owned factories located throughout Spain carefully handcraft the From Spain ceramic collection. Often these factories have been in the family for several generations. Everybody in the family gets involved in the creative process of making ceramic. The elders often spin and mold the clay while the young design and paint the final product. The majority of the ceramics come from Toledo and Manises, Valencia. The detailed geometric patterns, and sun-drenched colors in the From Spain Ceramic Collection bring the zest and ambience of Spain to your home. Measures 9.5 x 7 in.

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