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Ash Radio Click Clock

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The charming radio click clock is strong, but certainly not silent. The clean and uncomplicated design of this clock is sure to compliment any home. With a simple clap of your hands or click of your fingers the display of the clock will spring to life to show time, date, and temperature. The display will disappear while it’s quiet and the radio is not in use. Wake up to the delightful stereo sounding radio from the beautifully lined up 49 speaker dots and snooze to your heart’s content with a simple press of the aluminum finished tuning button on top.

Features include: FM Radio with on-screen frequency display, automatic channel searching or manual tuning, ability to display time, date and temperature or leave on permanent time display, radio or buzzer alarm option and 5 or 7 days alarm setting, battery life is 7-8 hours when radio is constantly in use; 10-14 days when clock is on permanent display setting and 3-4 months in sound activated display setting. Measures 17.9 x 5.4 in.


  • Item #GK16G12