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Bouquets to Art at the de Young Museum

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''Bouquets to Art'' is a highly anticipated annual event which has become a San Francisco tradition heralding the arrival of spring. Celebrating the pairing of floral art with fine art, this unique exhibition transforms the museum for one week into a glorious garden of culture. Originally begun at the de Young Museum in 1984, ''Bouquets to Art'' later moved to the Legion of Honor where it flourished from 1996 to 2005. ''Bouquets to Art'' returned to the newly reconstructed de Young in 2006 commencing a marvelous new legacy. The event has now grown to include the creative mastery of approximately 150 outstanding floral designers who each year dazzle visitors with their unforgettable floral masterpieces. Pamela J has creatively captured this unique tradition in its first six years at the new de Young Museum. With insightful imagery that unites the floral art and fine art, her photographs blend and harmonize the two elements so skillfully that they stand alone on their artistic merit. The accompanying commentaries explain the creative process and inspiration behind each floral design, enriching our appreciation and understanding of both the fine art and floral art. Hardcover, 188 pages.

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