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CD Beautiful Dreamer

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This album brings together contrasting music from the Gilded Age with a musical portrait of Mark Twain, himself from one of the greatest melodists of early twentieth century America. The earliest music represented here is in songs by Stephen Foster. ''Beautiful Dreamer'' dates from 1862 and Old Folks at Home from 1851. They were composed right at the start of the Gilded Age, but their fame spread quickly, and they remained in vogue for decades. Foster's self-declared aim was to ''build up taste among refined people by making words suitable to their taste, instead of the trashy and really offensive words which belong to some songs.'' Even today, Foster's superbly-crafted melodies are familiar to Americans and Europeans alike. Includes the following 13 tracks:- Peaches and Cream by Cincinnati Pops Orchestra (3:33)- Desiree: Waltz by Cincinnati Pops Orchestra (5:04t)- Auditorium Festival March, ''Festival March'' by Cincinnati Pops Orchestra (6:58)- To A Wild Rose (arr. for piano) by Martin Souter (2:15)- The Entertainer by Martin Souter (4:57)- Beautiful Dreamer by Sara Stowe (2:38)- Bethena by Martin Souter (7:36)- I Dream of Jeannie by Sara Stowe 2:32tt- Old Folks at Home by Sara Stowe 5:30tt- Solace by Martin Souter (6:28)-The Washington Post March by Cincinnati Pops Orchestra (2:31)- Maple Leaf Rag (version for piano) by Martin Souter (3:31)- Mark Twain Suite by Cincinnati Pops Orchestra (9:56)Run time: 64 minutes.

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