CD Kahlo: Passion & Music

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Kahlo: Passion & Music features a compilation of Mexican folk songs, jazz tunes, and classical music. Music played an important role in Frida Kahlo’s life—while growing up she listened to her father play Beethoven and Strauss on the piano, and references to popular music are often found in her paintings. The CD booklet contain a collection stunning images, as well as informative biographical about the artist. Running Time: 67:40 Mins.

1. Mariachi Sol, El Jarabe Tapatio (2:30)

2. Mariachi Azteca, La Malagueña (3:41)

3. Steve Kostelnik, Zapateado (2:38)

4. Jeno Jano, “Moonlight" Sonata, 1st Mov. (Beethoven) (5:19)

5. Os Ingênuos, Tico-Tico No Fubá (2:23)

6. Cab Calloway, ‘Long About Midnight (3:05)

7. Garland Wilson, China Boy (3:12)

8. Django Reinhardt with Stéphane Grappelli, Avalon (2:50)

9. Duke Ellington, Mood Indigo (4:38)

10. Maxine Sullivan, It's Wonderful (3:40)

11. Pedro Padilla Y Su Conjunto, Juramento (2:53)

12. Carlos Gardell ,Yira Yira (2:45)

13. Chavela Vargas, Macorina (3:32)

14. Alfredo Fernando, Esta Noche Me Emborracho (2:28)

15. Enrico Caruso, Noche Feliz (2:35)

16. Cincinnati Wind Symphony, El Salón México (Copeland) (12:34)

17. Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra, Sensemaya (6:48)


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