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de Young Didactic T-Shirt

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The de Young “Didactic” merchandise collection is inspired by the Museums’ labels that accompany artworks (objects) on view with playful descriptive titles related to the product it appears on. The collection of items has been developed exclusively in celebration of the de Young’s 125th anniversary in 2020. This exclusive stylish t-shirt in light grey is made of soft 85% cotton and 15% viscose with silk-screened type. The de Young logo also appears on the t-shirt back. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, Xtra-Large and 2Xtra-Large.

Museum didactics are often broken down into four main categories: Intro chats, which are panels that introduce an entire exhibition; gallery chats, which introduce a particular gallery; extended labels, which include a paragraph or less of contextual copy alongside an object’s credit information; and labels, which display an object’s, or set of objects’, credit information.




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