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Rosalind Wise Deluxe Address Book

$ 19.95
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A native of South Wales, Rosalind Wise (British, b. 1949) takes inspiration from nature, painting scenes of flower gardens and meadows on canvases typically four to five feet across. “When I am standing in a field, a meadow, or in front of a riotously colorful garden border, I feel overwhelmed by a deep feeling of pleasure,” says Wise. “Smelling the fragrances, looking at the whole picture in front of me as well as the individual plants, grasses, and flowers close up—their exquisite detail, structure, and beauty—makes me long to paint what I am experiencing, to encapsulate all that being there means to me.” Sections divided by alphabetical tabs. Letter pairs EF, IJ, QR, UV, and XYZ share tabs. Each information page contains six contact blocks. 40 full-color reproductions; up to 480 entries. Hardcover with hidden Wire-O binding, 124 pages. Measures 7 x 8.25.