Isador Tatting Lace Earrings

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These hand-made tatting lace earrings are the perfect accessory for an evening on the town, or an afternoon wedding. Meticulously embellished with multi-colored tourmaline and glass seed beads, these earrings are sure to charm for years to come. Finished with a mop button closure. Measures 2 in.

About tatting lace: A popular jewelry-making technique among the European courts of the eighteenth century, tatting produces a lace from an interlacing of rings and chains formed by knots, using only fingers and a tool known as a shuttle. It is particularly time consuming to create and produces extremely intricate patterns and jewelry of great beauty.

These earrings are entirely hand made by lace makers, from Lorina Balteanu's workshop, who perpetuate the tatting craft and create both classical and contemporary jewelry pieces and accessories. 


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