Extractor Board Game

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Created by artist Simon Denny, the Extractor board game will turn any tree-hugging humanitarian into a data-wrangling tycoon. It’s the Wild West of data extraction and you’ll need to buy up big if you want to survive. A three-in-one artwork/board game/catalogue based on Denny’s exhibition Mine at the Museum of New Art in Tasmania, the game takes a look at data and resource mining as a reflection of hope and anxiety about the environment, technology, and work.

Read about the art while playing your friends in a competitive scramble for world data domination. This game includes everything you need to play—game board, dice, data sets etc.—and a rule book featuring essays from Boaz Levin and Vera Tollmann, Tony Birch, Kate Crawford and Vladen Joler, and Tiziana Terranova, and a preface by Mona curators Jarrod Rawlins and Emma Pike. Ages 14 and up. Exclusive to FAMSF in the USA.


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