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Harper Ever After: The Early Work of Charley and Edie Harper

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Charley Harper and Edie McKee met on the first day of school at the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1940. They studied together, fell in love, survived World War II, married, and embarked on successful careers in art. Charley's work is today iconic, known around the world particularly for his images of birds and other wildife created with simple - but accurate - geometric forms. Edie's fine art photographs, paintings, prints, designs, and illustrations have earned her lasting respect.Harper Ever After presents paintings and prints from both artists, from their early art school days until 1960, when Charley created Cardinal, now one of his best-known images. This book presents great talent in its formative years. Longtime Harper fans and collectors will appreciate never-before-seen artwork and come away with a new appreciation of the Harpers' matur work, post 1960. Hardcover, 144 pages