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Horace Pippin: The Way I See It

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Horace Pippin's response to the question of what made him a great painter: ''I paint it the way I see it.'' This exciting new publication will look closely at Pippin (1888-1946) as an artist who was embraced by the art world, yet remained independent, creating and upholding a unique aesthetic sensibility while also candidly, if subtly, expressing his opinions on a wide range of social issues. A self-taught master of form, color and composition, Pippin vividly depicted a range of subject matter, from scenes of war, history and religion, to sporting scenes, floral still lifes and intimate family moments. Accompanying a major exhibition at the Brandywine River Museum of Art, the book will be the first examination of the artist's work in twenty years and is an opportunity to re-examine Pippin with fresh eyes. His development as a self-aware, self-taught artist will be explored in-depth, looking at the rich pictorial language and multi-layered narratives of his paintings. Fully illustrated with over 60 works from around the United States, the book will introduce a new generation of scholarly voices, speaking to such issues as influence, racial and religious politics, and narrative truths in history. Hardcover, 208 pages