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Matt Mullican: Rubbings: Catalogue 1984-2016

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For the series of works entitled Rubbings, Matt Mullican scratches drawings onto large sheets of cardboard or MDF that are then transferred to colored canvases by rubbing with oil sticks. A selection from the series was exhibited in Winterthur and Heilbronn, and the catalogue brings together more than 500 examples. The unexpectedly small-format book with its yellow hardcover makes for an agreeable contrast to the monumentality of the art. In keeping with the works, the embossed typography extending over the whole cover emphasizes the tactile element. Inside, between one and six illustrations per page are presented in appropriately adjusted sizes within a strict framework. The effect is very clear, direct and compact, and brings out Mullican's uncomplicated visual language very well. The illustrations, which are of varying quality, are standardized by new coloring in single tones of yellow, blue, red and green. This not only emphasizes the seriality and variability of the works but also contributes to the cohesive impression created by the book.

Hardcover, 448 pages.


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