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Michael Murphy: San Francisco Modern Postcard Book

$ 10.95
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Michael Murphy, a San Francisco native, highlights the important role of modern architecture in California's visual landscape through his prints' bold colors and stylized graphics. After spending several years living and working abroad, Murphy returned to the Bay Area with fresh eyes for the oft unappreciated modern architectural gems throughout. Beginning his career as an architect, Murphy has slowly transitioned to the life of the independent artist, fully in control of his own creative process. Murphy travels the cities of California, finds inspiration in a particular building or area, and then creates a composite of the surrounding landmarks, including all elements within that particular line of sight. Murphy strives not for an exact rendering of the setting, but for an aesthetic record of the best and highest principles that modern architecture has to offer. The thirty prints of San Francisco architecture featured here are from Murphy's ongoing visual exploration of California modern architecture titled ''Forgotten Modernism.''Set of 30 Measures 6.5 x 4.75 in.