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Mini Modern Colors House Building Kit

Bring your architectural skills to a whole new level with this 3D architectural scale model house building kit. You can explore vast building design possibilities using bespoke components including curved floors and curved walls. The model kit for kids is perfect as an advanced stand-alone kit for fun and educational use. Arckit empowers minds through architecture and is a reusable, open-ended design tool with unlimited possibilities to spontaneously explore your ideas through model building. All Arckit model building kits are Unisex, support STEM and STEAM learning and are Proudly made in Ireland! 


The Mini Modern Colours architecture set for kids comes with 105+ components, 20 of which are unique to this kit for even more imaginative builds, and includes a starter guide instruction sheet. Find more step-by step builds are available online with free access to Arckit’s online texture library for more external finishes. Ages 8 and up. Measures 9.44 x 7.4 x 2.6 in.


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