Myths and Legends of the World

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Curious reader— open your mystical map and get ready to travel through time with these 21 extraordinary stories of daring and deceit, reward and punishment. Meet gods, goddesses, serpents, talking fish and clever spiders. Cavort with sea nymphs, mystical women, terrifying beasts and volcano people as you discover different tales of how the world began. 

Retold by Alli Brydon and beautifully illustrated by Julia Iredale, these fascinating myths and legends will transport you to every corner of the globe and link you to the people who preserved these tales through oral tradition. The souls of ancestors, the lives of heroes, and the fates of mortals are waiting to be discovered. Ages 9 to 12. Hardcover, 192 pages.


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Margot's Pick

"When I saw this book for the first time at the Legion I was very pleased. The book met a need: a gift for an older child. The colors are bold, the illustrations are sparse ( in a positive way) and the stories are retold beautifully. It contains many images of animals which children love. The book can be read aloud to a younger child or read alone by an older child. " - Margot

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