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Ozobot Titanium Black

$ 55
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A simple, fun and engaging introduction into programming with Ozobot, an innovative learning tool for the #generation. Control Ozobot with markers, then master with brain teasers, DIY projects, STEM learning activities and Free App games. Builds confidence and logical thinking skills in tech and computer science. Brings coding to life and empowers everyone to program and create their own games.Easy start up - Step 1: Pick up paper & markers to draw coded mazes - Step 2: Go to Ozoblockly.com to fully program Ozobot. It's quick and simple to drag & drop blocks of codes. Hours of extra fun for all when you download the free Ozobot's website activities and the IOS and Android Ozobot Apps to play interactive games for every level.Create challenges and DIY activities, or even design your own games to share with all your friends and the amazing Ozobot community. Need off/on screen time learning? We have teacher recommended, free programming & STEM inspired lesson plans, fit for different ages and levels.Ages 10 and up Measures 3.9 x 3.6 x 3.6 in.