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Ship of Souls Stained Glass Roundel

$ 40
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The William Morris stained glass partnership with Edward Burne-Jones produced works of a very high order, and a very distinctive Pre-Raphaelite style - rich in colour - harking back to the medieval glass common in English cathedrals and churches before much of its destruction in the 16th and 17th centuries. Winged Heart Stained Glass is pleased to present our redrawn and handpainted 'stained glass' reproductions of details of some of William Morris' most important works.

The Ship of Fools was designed by Edward Burne-Jones for Powells of Whitefriars in 1858. Burne-Jones famously worked with the William Morris Studio later on but this piece pre-dated the founding of William Morris' company. Whitefriars were fine stained glass makers, and, if you get the chance to see this piece in situ in Christ Church, you will be captivated by its beauty. Hand painted glass roundel. Gift boxed.  Measures 6 in, chain hangs 2.5 in.