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Limited-Edition Surrealist Pencil Set

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Product Description

Surrealist artists used an exercise known as Exquisite Corpse to create collaborative poems and works of art composed of pieced-together words and images. Blackwing used that same exercise to design a pencil. First, they separated the pencil into five components (graphite, lacquer, imprint, ferrule, eraser). Then, they blindly selected the design for each component and assembled the results. The finished pencil features a rose barrel, teal imprint, silver ferrule, blue eraser and their extra-firm graphite. The Blackwing Volume 54 pays tribute to surrealism and creative exercises that force us to look beyond narrow personal perspective. The number 54 is a nod to 54 rue due Chateau in Paris, the birthplace of Exquisite Corpse. Semi-hexagonal shape, Iconic ferrule design, Rose finish, Cedar casing that sharpens evenly and easily and Specially formulated extra-firm graphite that writes smoothly. Includes 12 in pack.

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