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Sargent & Spain Exhibition Catalogue

Sargent & Spain

Legion of Honor, February 11 - May 14, 2023
"This lavishly illustrated book contains a series of insightful essays about the impact of Sargent's wide-ranging travels throughout Spain on his artistic subjects and process. Foregrounding key influences on his creative development--including the work of older Spanish masters such as Diego Velázquez; Spanish dance and music; and the country's magnificent architecture, landscapes, and religious devotional imagery--the catalog concludes with a comprehensive illustrated chronology of Sargent's time spent absorbing these rich inspirations." 
-Emma Acker, Associate Curator of American Art
American artist John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) experienced Spain, including the picturesque island of Majorca, as a source of rejuvenation and inspiration. Sargent & Spain features scores of the artist’s dazzling watercolors, oil paintings, and drawings, from landscapes and seascapes to architectural studies, scenes of everyday life, and sympathetic portraits of the Roma and other local people he encountered. This handsome book showcases, for the first time, Sargent’s captivation with Spain and the remarkable works of art now associated with it. Hardcover only, 256 pages.

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