Ed Hardy Temporary Tattoo Set (Red Edition)

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Produced exclusively for the exhibition at the de Young, these temporary tattoos featuring Ed Hardy's Assorted Tattoo Flash, 1967-1971, are safe, non-toxic and printed with vegetable inks. They will last 2 to 4 days and are removable with clear tape. Made in the USA. Set contains 5 temporary tattoos.

Flash or tattoo flash are designs printed or drawn on paper or cardboard and displayed on the walls of tattoo parlors to give walk-in customers ideas for tattoos. Flash is either drawn by the individual tattooist for display and use in their own studio, or traded and sold among other tattooists. In 1974, Ed Hardy opened Realistic Tattoo in San Francisco, a private studio where he undertook unique tattoo commissions tailored to his clients’ wishes and needs. While Hardy has retired from tattooing, his legacy lives on in the City’s North Beach neighborhood where his current studio Tattoo City is operated by son Doug Hardy. Incorporating signature flash from Hardy’s tattooing era, this collection of exclusive products was created by the de Young museum store in honor of the exhibition.


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