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Dark Blue Lake Unity Sisal Vase

$ 45
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These vases are hand-woven by Rwandan artisans and made out of dyed sisal and sweet grass. Add a glass liner and display a small bouquet of posies. Due to it’s versatile nature, it can also be used as a kitchen utensil holder or as a wine bottle cover.

The three-line pattern on this basket is known as the "unity" design and symbolizes the three ethnic groups that divided Rwanda in 1994, but who now work together to heal wounds from the past.

Weaving cooperatives act as support networks and places to exchange knowledge and build relationships, creating a natural fabric of unity in rural and far reaching places across Rwanda. Weavers heal through the collective effort of working toward the same purpose and goal: to create beauty with their own hands and earn an income together, with the same goals of creating a brighter future.

In the end, hearts and lives weave together in new ways that strengthen the bonds between individuals, allowing them to move forward on common ground. Measures 4.3 x 8 in.