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Suzanne Valadon: Model, Painter, Rebel


Suzanne Valadon: Model, Painter, Rebel looks at the life and career of this often unsung early 20th century artist. Primarily a figurative and portrait painter, the self-taught Valadon used strong compositions and a rich palette to challenge how society views women and the less well off. Her portraits and figurative works are time capsules into turn of the century French life.”

-Larry / Sales Associate

A reconsideration of the life and legacy of the revolutionary artist of the Parisian avant-garde. Despite the popularity and success the French model and painter Suzanne Valadon (1865–1938) enjoyed in her lifetime, her work has received scant attention since her death. While her art broke new ground, her reception was often overshadowed by criticism of her personal life, and her fame as an artist was eclipsed by that of her son, Maurice Utrillo. With her art and lifestyle alike, Valadon cared little for convention and challenged behavioral codes. Hardcover, 160 pages.

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