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Teak & Bamboo Carpenter Watch

$ 165
This product is SOLD OUT.


Designed to be sleek, subtle in form, and pay homage to nature. To retain the beauty of the all-natural wood and leather, branding is kept to an invisible minimum. The delicate watch hands glide along a truly one-of-a kind watch face that comes with hour markings. With a flexible Teak strap made from lumber offcuts and a solid Bamboo body, this timepiece is as beautiful as it is earth friendly. The craftsmanship involved in designing with these natural materials is self evident - and the result is a sophisticated, eco-conscious design that is over 80% biodegradable. The Teak & Bamboo design comes with gold finishing, and is outfitted with a precise Japanese quartz movement. The body is light weight and perfectly proportioned for long lasting comfort. Worn as a small sculpture on the wrist - this piece just asks to be a conversation starter.