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Transloetje Grey Lamp

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Thanks to its transparency, the old-fashioned light bulb is the center of attention. But don’t be fooled, despite of its retro appearance the lamp is in fact an energy saving LED light. Equipped with a tactile switch, the lamp turns on by a simple touch of its base. Tap again to increase the intensity and brightness of the bulb.

Transloetje is intended for indoor use, but can be used outdoors without the charger. We recommend you protect it from water and store inside after use outdoors. Light is controlled by the touch-sensitive light switch in the foot. It comes with 3 different shades of energy-saving LED light at the touch of your fingers. A fully charged Transloetje remains lit for up to 8 hours on the highest setting. It is wireless and rechargeable. Beautifully packaged with a battery, charger and an old-fashioned light bulb!

Measures 10 x 6 in.