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Truth and Beauty Pictorial

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FAMSF Publications

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco presents the Pictorials series. Each book features the themes and highlights of our exhibitions and collections in a compact, portable format, making these editions ideal for travelers. Packed within each book's 40 pages are more than 30 full-color images and texts that provide intriguing information on the art, artists, and historical backgrounds. The Pictorials are the perfect keepsakes to commemorate your experience or to read in advance of your visit.

In 1848, seven British artists formed a secret alliance and declared themselves the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Including William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, these young men rebelled against the style of art emulated by many of their nineteenth-century contemporaries, praising instead the works of earlier artists who preceded the Renaissance master Raphael and his followers—the “Raphaelites.” Known today for their jewellike palettes, finely detailed renderings, and highly symbolic subjects, the Pre-Raphaelites admired poetry and literature; early Italian and early Netherlandish art; tempera painting techniques; tapestries, stained glass, and other decorative arts; and, eventually, even works from sixteenth-century Venetian artistswho could be construed as “Post-Raphaelites.” 

Softcover, 40 pages.

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  • Item # 978-0884011569

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