Green Bamboo Vase

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Located in Sonoma Valley, CA Nichibei Pottery blends the elegant tradition of Japanese folk art with a distinctly contemporary flair that results in an innovative collection of handmade pottery that is unmistakably by Nichibei. Cheryl and Mikio formed Nichibei in 1985. Since then, the husband and wife team have shown their work at exhibitions in California, New York and Japan. Literally translated, Nichibei means “Japan and America.” Mikio Matsumot and Cheryl Constantini's created Nichibei's distinctive and unique jade green color through a process by which a copper glaze is applied to the porcelain and high firing it in a gas kiln at 2,400 degrees.

Embrace the charm of this hand-crafted ceramic bamboo-inspired vase. Beautiful with or without a floral bouquet, this vase is the perfect touch of subtle beauty. Measures 8.25 x 3.75 in.


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