Vienna Woods Tile

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This beautiful ceramic tiles features artwork based on Carl Otto Czeschka's Waldidyll (Forest Idyll), originally created as a textile design and produced by Vienna's renowned Wiener Werkstätte artist community circa 1910. Long before it inspired a Motawi tile, this work of art was worn as a caftan by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. 

Motawi tiles are made in the USA with a custom mix of clay and pressed from original plaster molds. Each tile is hand-glazed and embossed on the back for authenticity. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth using mild soap. Measures 8 x 6 in.


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Bette's Pick

"Beautifully designed, with the aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts Movement, these handcrafted, artisan tiles are a work of art! Elegantly understated colors and functional design—display as art, frame, or integrate within a tiled space."

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