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Cast Iron Bronze Waves Teapot

Tetsubin Kin/Kogecha Sakura Gold Brown Sakura cast iron teapot, made in Japan by Iwachu Japan. Iwachu recommends the exteriors be gently wiped with a soft dry cloth. The teapot can experience discoloring, even with gentle scrubbing, so please wipe gently. The color coating is non-toxic and is not harmful if accidentally consumed. Not for stovetop use. Fill the pot with boiling water to rinse and warm your pot. Do no use soaps or detergents and avoid contact with salt/oils. Do not leave water or tea in the pot for an extended period of time. Wipe the inside and outside dry with a clean cloth while the pot is still warm (not hot!).  Allow the teapot to cool completely after each use before cleaning. Invert the pot to air dry before putting back the infuser and lid. The infuser can be cleaned with or without soapy water. Dry thoroughly to store. Measures 5.5 x 4. 25 in. Holds 22 oz.

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