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CD Paris Cafe

Be transported to the bistros of Paris with this collection of classic French songs. Bon voyage! The CD includes detailed liner notes and artist photos. Featuring Charles Trenet, Lucienne Delyle, Francis Lemarque, Raphaël Bas, Norbert Slama, Gypsy Jazz Caravan, Duo Gadjo and their Hot Friends, Baguette Quartette, Francesca Blanchard and Giorgis.


1 Douce France - By Charles Trenet
2 C'est Magnifique - By Lucienne Delyle
3 Un Gamin de Paris - By Francis Lemarque
4 Mon Homme - By Patachou
5 Sweet Joy - By Raphael Bas
6 Les Feuilles Mortes - By Christine Renaud & Norbert Slama
7 Beyond the Sea (La Mer) - By Gypsy Jazz Caravan
8 La Complainte de la Butte - By Duo Gadjo and their Hot Friends
9 Flambée Montalbanaise - By Baguette Quartette
10 Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir - By Giorgis
11 Quelqu'un M'a Dit - By Francesca Blanchard

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